The Book We Never Read

I was planning to write about Sister Mary Teresa, the nun detective character by Ralph McInerny under the pen name Monica Quill.  It was the perfect post for a book club of Catholic women who only read books by Catholic women because it was written by a man who used a female pen name (we like loopholes like that). 

And yet when I polled my bookclub mates about which book we read from the Sister Mary Teresa series they all agreed to the (wo)man that they had never read or even laid eyes on such a book.  So while I’d like to give you a nice, satisfying mystery review, I can’t.  I myself read a couple of the titles and I could swear one of them was for book club but I can’t remember which one, and now it turns out we never read it anyway.

By the way, Ralph McInerny who died in 2012, was also the author of the Father Dowling series as well as dozens of other books.

So instead, a list