Colorado Inspires Author Melissa Wiley

I’m so excited for this new post!  A friend of mine has published 3 new books and she’s highly qualified to appear here even though we have never read her books (they are children’s books but that doesn’t disqualify them from OUR book club because we are totally open to reading children’s and teen’s books!).

She is:

A) a female
B) Catholic
C) an author

See?  She fits our mold perfectly!

That’s about the only mold into which this author and mother of 6 fits.   She works from her relaxed homeschooling home.  Her husband Scott Peterson is an author as well and they are now collaborating on an online comic called Thicklebit.

Melissa Wiley is the author of the Martha Years and the Charlotte Years Little House books.  Martha was Laura Ingalls Wilder’s great-grandmother and Charlotte was her daughter.  Melissa’s engaging and charming series’ allow us to become acquainted with the Scottish childhood and Boston adventures of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s mother’s family.

A few years ago, after 8 Martha and Charlotte stories Melissa moved on to some new writing territory. 

And wow, talk about new; earlier this month she presented a Ready to Read book titled Inch and Roly Make a Wish.

This week she released 2 additional stories:  Fox and Crow are NOT Friends, a Level 3 Step Into Reading story, and an adventurous tale of little Louisa Brody titled The Prairie Thief.

Ironically Melissa and I grew up in the same hometown, but that’s not how we met.  We both joined the same online forum and later had a wonderful get together with some other friends and their children as she traveled back through Colorado on her way to her new home in California.  I love this blog post of hers explaining her work at the Plains Conservation Center east of Aurora and how it inspired her latest tale.  We went on a field trip there once and it really is as detached from the city as she describes.

While Melissa explains that it will appeal to boys and girls alike, if you have a young girls’ book club, a Mother-daughter book club, or a school club you really should add The Prairie Thief to your list!


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